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Simply... Find an easy way to help us make a difference and support

at risk youth, wellness programs and mental health research. 



Our Beneficiaries... funds go to  -  The Lighthouse Foundation, Suicide Prevention Australia and Australian Rotary Health


The Lighthouse Foundation provides accommodation for young people at risk in unidentifiable suburban homes – where they receive wrap-around  intensive support 24/7, coupled with a Therapeutic Family Model of Care and education programs that will meet their long-term needs. 


Suicide Prevention Australia is the national peak body for the suicide prevention sector in Australia. We promote collaboration, coordination and partnerships in suicide prevention, intervention and postvention. Our mission is to make suicide prevention everybody’s business. Suicide Prevention Australia is a broad-based organisation bringing together diverse interests across disciplines, practitioners, researchers, and the community affected by suicide and self harm.


Australian Rotary Health is Australia's largest non-government funding body of mental health research.  Supported by Rotarians Australia wide our organisation has grown to now be in a position to sponsor health research in areas that did not regularly attract funding. We are a catalyst for projects that improve the quality of life for people who are least able to assist themselves. 

























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Note: If you're planning to create awareness and fundraise as a team, have a team leader register and create the team page first. All team members must register individually before they can join a team. Once the team page is created and your team members are registered, go to the team page and click on Join Team button at the bottom right hand side of the page...and follow the prompts. 


I’ll Sponsor or support... a friend or finding a favourite team is easy . Simply search them out here and surprise them by helping them reach their goal. 


Direct Donations... we welcome financial support in manner of a direct donation to the Foundation which will go to helping at risk youth,

wellness programs and mental health research.  


Sharing our message... being social and staying connected with people we like and trust starts with a “Like us” on Facebook or following us on Twitter. You can always join up later and become one of the crew. Take a few photos with a Fold-it or two in view and post-it to Facebook and tag-it Ties For Lives


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Community / Corporate Partners – We invite you to contact us and see how we can work together to make a BIGGER difference.

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