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Youth Mental Health - Wellbeing, Resilience and Protective Factors.


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Wellbeing, reslience and identifying protective factors will lead to young people having more active and fulfilled lives.

Having a balanced education  /  work  /  leisure time and good mental and physical health will lead to stronger, more vibrant communities and reduce the burden on health services.


Our initiatives focus on better health outcomes for all young Australians and through our beneficiary partners we can deliver a therapeutic model of care that assists those young people most at risk in our communities.


The Ties For Lives Foundation aims to raise awareness about the issue and help families to "Spot the early signs of youth mental health problems, to encourage young people to get help themselves and where to get the right professional care and support."  


Through our initiatives we’ll spark a national conversation to assist with breaking down the stigmas and prejudices surrounding youth mental health and more specifically reduce the incidences of homelessness, self-harm and suicide through early intervention. Please share our message throughout your community.


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Below you will find links to websites that provide information from our Beneficiaries / Information partners about: 

Wellbeing and mental fitness, where to get support, wellbeing in the work place and fact sheets on protective factors and resilience.





For more information about Lighthouse Foundation:


Therapeutic Family Model of Care:
  Australia's leading online youth mental health service.


Wellbeing and Mental fitness:  National Youth Mental Health Foundation.


Find a Centre  :


Access: :



For more information on mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.


Visit SuperFriend at



For more information of youth mental health first aid courses.


Visit Mental health first aid at




For more information from Living is for everyone (Life)


Fact Sheet - Risk and protective factors:


Fact Sheet - Resilience, vulnerability and suicide prevention:



This information is provided as a guide and does not substitute the need for professional care and support.

If you or someone you know needs help contact your doctor or if the need is urgent :   CLICK  HERE  FOR  SOMEONE  TO  CONTACT




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